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Remembered Today:

Searching for info about grandfather


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The only information I have about his service is the following:


WO 374/884


Lieutenant Edward John Gregory ALFORD.

Railway Transport Officer.



Held by:

The National Archives, Kew

Former reference in its original department

He was a student at King's College Cambridge and is listed here - there is no explanation of the date beside the name http://www.forces-war-records.co.uk/library/document/1694/the-war-list-of-the-university-of-cambridge-19141918/page-203/?filterPagesOnSearchQuery=False&filterPagesOnSearchQueryExact=False

He was stationed in Italy: I'd like to know where in Italy; where were the railway depots, what did RTOs do, why he is "special list" and anything else I can find out.

He met my grandmother, an Italian-English woman from Florence, later Pisa, during his time in Italy and they married in 1918. She was a nurse but I don't know where, nor how they could have met and spent time together.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Appreciate you're a long way from Kew to read his papers but his story lies there - or at least enough detail to point you in the right direction.

This might shed some light on the Italian front..

XI or XIV Corps?

Army Service Corps?


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Can't see any Medal Index Card for him.


Tim D

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Your gmother was a Red Cross Nurse ?

Her records might be available here


He is being transferred to the General List here


Info on RTOs can be found here Vol 1 and 2



Download the pdf file and use the "Find" facility in "Edit" and enter "Railway Transport Officer"

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He was in trains,she might have been in Ambulance Trains (four in theatre,15/18/21/26) or one of the three General Hospitals (11/60/62) in his operating area.

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