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Hi my grandfather i never met grew up in Australia (Victoria-Murrumbeena),died early 60's.

He was a school teacher who enlisted with several other school teachers

He left Melbourne on transport ship Benella 19 october 1914,was wounded on landing gallipoli,invalided to Manchester ,England

I am wanting to connect with any else who had relatives on the Benella or who served with my grandfather ,training in Egypt or on the gallipolli landing.


you can contact me via email on



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Hi and welcome to the forum. If you post more details on your grandfather, such as his name, date of birth and service number, you will get a lot of assistance.

The troopship was called HMAT Benalla and if you search for this on the Australian War Memorial web site, you will see many photographs. Try this search query, for example:


The grandfather of a colleague at work was third officer on the Benalla and I borrowed his log for a few weeks as I wanted to plot one of the 1917 convoys on Google Earth. The package included the log, original convoy orders and sextant (which was not lent to me).

Cheers, Bill

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And....another welcome to the forum....

If you can get your hands on a copy of 'The Education Department's Record of War Service (Victoria)' - there is a small (none to clear) photo of your Grandfather with his Bio.

Same goes for his 2 brothers Bert & Oliver (also teachers!)

Cheers, Frev

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Welcome to the forum.

As Bill said if you search the internet you will find lots of pictures of HMAT Benalla.

One that might really interest you is on the Australian Light Horse site at http://alh-research.tripod.com/ships_lh.htm

It shows troops embarking on HMAT A24 Benalla at Port Melbourne, 19 October 1914 ...... no chance of recognising him but your Grandfather could be one of the men.

I found the ALH site very good when I used it the other month so a very good chance it will give you more details of what the unit was doing when your father was in it.


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