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Please Help ID these Badges


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First, I would like to apologize for the poor quality of the photo - it is a from a picture of a picture, so this is the best I've got!

Sometime back, one of my wife's cousins had taken a photo of (apparently) her great-grandfather's and great-uncles medals and an assortment of badges that we displayed in a shadow box. It was a mix of both of the men's medals and insignia, and I don't know why there are Australian "rising sun" badges in there. Both men served in the British Army and did not immigrate to Australia until 1921.

Her great-grandfather was in the Royal Army Medical Corps. As far as I know, her great-uncle was with the Northumberland Fusiliers. I was easily able to ID the RAMC badge in the shadow box, but was wondering about these three:


This is the display as a whole.


Thank you for having a look.

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The RH badge in the small photo with just 3 badges is another Australian badge.

It is a Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia membership badge, SEE HERE.

Maybe there was another great-uncle who emigrated before the war ??


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The RSL badge may be your uncle Harold's from WW2 (RAAF).

The medals are probably Albert's (the trio) and Frederick's (pair).


Tim D

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There's also what looks like a post-1953 Royal Army Service Corps / Royal Corps of Transport badge there (middle badge of the top photo) - it could also be that of the Royal Australian Army Service Corps, until it became the Royal Australian Corps of Transport in 1973, which used quite a different design.

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Regarding the RSL (formerly RSSILA) badge, you might find the attached poster of use.


Note that the motif of two service personnel bearing arms was used on this style of RSL badge from 1919-1941. After that it was three personnel marching until 1990, and four thereafter.

More relevant to you is there were two sizes of this badge. Comparing the size of yours against the medals above it, I judge this is the larger version, which was used 1919-1926. That date range fits well with immigration to Australia in 1921 and suggests one of your wife's two relatives joined the League within five years of landing?

I'm suspicious the first badge of this "trio" is also something similar eg from one of the multi-various returned services associations in Australia, or even an auxiliary RSSILA badge (?) , but don't know.

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The middle badge in the top photo is that of the Royal Australian Army Service Corps (RAASC) The Queen's crown denotes it was worn c1954 to 1973. In 1973 RAASC was disbanded with the transport, air dispatch and postal functions being assigned to a newly created Royal Australian Corps of Transport (RACT) and responsibilities for foodstuffs and petroleum transferred to the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps (RAAOC).

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