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The Auxiliary Patrol


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I am thinking of buying 'The Auxiliary Patrol' by Keble-Chatterton. I will be very grateful for any feed back from members on this book.



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My copy arrived a week ago. Still in the box due to other ongoing research. Will give you some detail regarding contents this week if you want.

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General popular history. Many anecdotes. No footnotes.

Chapter I - Introduction

Chapter II - How It Began

Chapter III - Carrying On

Chapter IV - Trawlers and Drifters

Chapter V - The Auxiliary Patrol and the Submarine Blockade

Chapter VI - At the Dardanelles and Elsewhere

Chapter VII - Mine-sweepers and Motor Craft

Chapter VIII - Submarines and the Auxiliary Patrol

Chapter IX - Small Ships and Great Undertakings

Chapter X - Submarines Versus the Auxiliary Patrol

Chapter XI - Raids in the Straits

Chapter XII - The Great Crisis

Chapter XIII - Destroyers of Drifters

Chapter XIV - Patrols and Convoys

Chapter XV - Patrol Adventures

Chapter XVI - The Fruits of Success

Chapter XVII - The Great Surrender

Chapter XVIII - The Operations Against Zeebrugge and Ostend

Chapter XIX - The Last Phase

Layin of the Tyne and Humber Minefields

Motor-boats Sent to the French and Belgian Waterways

Motor Gunboat Flotilla in the Eastern Mediterranean

Passage of M.L.'s from Portsmouth to the Mediterranean

Edited by Felix C
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Felix C,

Thank you very much for the information it is much appreciated.


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Felix C

Thank you very much indeed!


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