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Visiting Northern Tz in December, photo requests?


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Dear all

My first posting! This site is giving me insomnia! I have always had a deep interest in WW1 history and have found an intelligent, balanced discussion forum at last.

I will be spending most of December this year (2014) in Tz and would like to offer my (photographic!) services. My time will involve visiting Bukoba, Mwanza, Kagera, Tanga and Dar el Salaam. We hope to go to Ukerewe Island too, but this is no way certain. It is very unlikely that I will have any time for anything other than taking photos, but these can be useful in themselves.

I am a trustee of a Welsh charity. Time is money, so I only have two free days in the month: one in Mwanza and one in Dar. However, I will also be visiting a large number of villages in the rural areas around Lakezone, which we pick at random after arrival in a region. These might coincide with an area of interest, and I would be happy to try to locate a place/take a photo, if time allows.

I would also be very interested if anyone can give me maps/directions/pointers as to the location of the German positions/British landing site on Ukerewe Island, the building/location where the 1964 Askari pension assessment was made in Mwanza and any locations for burned/otherwise knackered/scuppered vessels abandoned after the evacuation of Mwanza by the German forces (or for any vessel at any other spot at the Southern part of the lake, come to that). I also hope to have a few hours in Tanga and hope to take some current photos of the landing sites and railway cutting, just to catalogue how they are changing, so if anyone can advise me as to the best spot, this would be welcome.


aka Toad Hall

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Phil / Toad Hall,

Have you come across Tip and Run: the untold tragedy of the Great War in Africa by Edward Paice (Phoenix, 2008)? Africa isn't my GW area of interest at all, and I acquired the book almost by accident, but read it and kept it, as it's so well-written and interesting.

I can't remember details, I'm afraid, but it may include relevant material to your GW interests if not to the 1964 episode (might the Times Digital Archive help with that? ask your nearest public library).

Best wishes for your trip, and take care.


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I had the pleasure in visiting the Tanga Battlefield 14 years ago, whilst staying with a local family.

My main problem was not having enough time to really investigate the area to the degree I wanted. The other hassel was trying to find the keys to gain entry to the CWGC Cemeteries in Tanga and Dar es Salaam (Entry to one cemetery, with a spiked fence, was gained by climbing over it with a pank jammed on to the spikes.)

Enjoy your trip.


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Hi Phil

A most generous if I may say.

I have a few headstones I'm after however I must say that your trip is the most important consideration. IF you go to the cemeteries fine but if not it is no great problem.

The request are

Dar Es Salaam (Upanga Road) Cemetery

Leonard GARNER Grave XI.D.4

Lt. Oscar Hughes Grave 6.F.11.

Dar Es Salaam War Cemetery

Frederick REED in Grave 6.E.17

Please do not feel under any obligation to get the photos, only if you are visiting anyway,

many thanks and regards,


PS. is there anything here of interest ???


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