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Pte Jospeh HACK, Beds Regmt

steve fuller

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Hi gang

Someone very kindly had a gander at the PRO for me but I have some questions on notes contained within the Roll ...

(He was originally Pte 2645, VM, BWM, 1915 Star, SWB)

Medal roll entry:

Joseph Hack pte 32136

Unit: Bedford Regiment.

Badge no. & Certificate 364693

Enlistment: 21/3/1910

Discharge: 15/5/1918

Age 25 ¼

Served overseas.

Cause of discharge 2(B) (a) (1) (This should read '2b with the b in brackets, but it keeps putting glasses on himself!!)

1. The 6 digit Cert No relates to his discharge? If so, does it signify anything specific that would be interesting to 'his story'?

2. Cause of discharge; obvious question but what do the codes mean please? 2b sounds like Gallipoli theatre code to me :rolleyes: !!

3. He was a Territorial & went to Gallipoli with the 5th Beds. Any suggestions how I can find the other units he served with, or is that all within his service papers (if they exist)?

4. Does this sound like Medal Roll info, or from somewhere else? Ive not seen this detail on a Roll myself before, but appreciate Ive not seen that many relative to the Pals on forum!

Thanks very much


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SWBs were numbered on the back. The 6 digit number sounds like an SWB issue number. The details seem to be the sort recorded on a SWB Card, or SWB Roll, rather than a medal roll.



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Hi again Gavin!

Ill double check with him, but he's not 'a researcher' Im afraid; very kindly offered to look for something for me.

thanks mate


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Hello Steve,

Indeed, you have the entry from the SWB roll and not the medal roll. 364693 will be the number on the badge.

The cause of discharge refers to the relevant paragraph of Kings Regulations, usually para 392(xvi). You need to check KRs to see which part of (xvi) the entry refers to.

The SWB roll also indicates the regiment from which a soldier is discharged - so Hack only served in the Bedfords. The medal rolls will give you, at least, the battalion from which he was discharged.

A 32000 service number would suggest transfer to a different battalion in late 1915 or early 1916.

All the best


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Hi David, hows tricks?

Thanks for the confirmation. Need to get the Rolls really dont I?

Seen records of men being transferred into the 5th in Egypt with unhealed wounds and the like ('lower quality' soldiers i think the diary said?) but havent seen any accounts of Ranks being transferred away from the 5th unless Ill or wounded; am I correct in this generalised assumption?

Would be lovely if his relatives would give me a clue; someones likely to know!! May have to give them a prod ...

Many thanks David. Speak to ya soon

Steve :D

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