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As part of the background research for a new war memorial in Regina, SK, Canada, officials are trying to confirm the name of the officer who, in 1918 or thereabouts, helped to rename the "Regina Vics" hockey team as the "Regina Pats" -- in honor of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.

The elite Canadian national junior hockey tournament is called the "Memorial Cup" and was initiated in Canada in 1919.

That the hockey team is named for the PPCLI, of course, well-known, however, the researchers are trying to establish who, precisely, facilitated the renaming.

The current opinion -- but can't confirm -- that this was a Capt. Arnott, who might have been on the instructional staff of the training cadres in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada late in the First World War.

Any opinions, comments or research leads?

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Hi Borden....

Can't help you straight away I'm afraid, but this might bring this posting back to some-ones attention.. ;)

Undoubtedly a stupid question but have you contacted the P.P.C.L.I. museum in Calgary?

I read somewhere on the internet that the hockey team started in 1917 but there was no mention of the name change you're after.

There is someone I can ask via via so I'll keep you posted.

Not sure when this photo was taken, looks more WWII like, source:

G.R. Stevens: Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 1919 - 1957.




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Is this the site of the unofficial PPCLI website? I have a couple ot PPCLI alumni looking as well ... thanks>

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by unofficial...

It's the P.P.C.L.I. Regimental Museum and Archives in Calgary.

Curator: Lynn Bullock, a very helpful lady who found some info on my

Grandfather, whereas the DND said they couldn't find any record......



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