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Guest KWSmith

Grimsby`s Lost Ships of WW1

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Guest KWSmith

Shipwrecks of the River Humber Area have been awarded a Heritage Lottery Grant (HLF) to investigate Grimsby`s Lost ships of WW1.

Between August 2014 and November 2018 Shipwrecks of the River Humber Area

will investigate at least 8 of Grimsby`s trawlers that were lost in World War One in the North Sea. These sites are unique and some may be of national significance .This work will allow this significance to start to be realised and as a result might bring about applications to English Heritage to consider the sites for designation under the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973.

We want to maximize the opportunity presented by the centenary of the Great War and promote our project as part of the Great War commemorations.

The project will train eight people to become qualified divers. They will be trained in how to use diving equipment, sidescan sonar, and underwater cameras. They will be given the opportunity to learn new skills and also be supported by a land based research team to make a detailed study of the boats they have dived on.

The project will engage at least 10 new research volunteers who will be land and library based. They will be given training on how to research record and interpret information about the boats uncovered. They will also be given training on using office equipment and how to use the local studies room at the library.

The project will produce a handbook and small film about each boat to leave a record for future generations. We want to educate local people about their heritage, in particular the role of their ancestors in the Grimsby fishing fleet during the First World

War. Many people in Grimsby will have had ancestors on these boats and it would be great if we could help local people to make a personal connection with these boats. Our project will seek to develop new education, employment and training opportunities for local people in heritage and other skills such as project management, research and event management.

The project will engage at least 500 people in understanding about the heritage of these boats and the people that built them, worked on them and also sadly died on them through hosting an exhibition about the boats and their role in First World War.

This is a list of some of the Trawlers we will be looking for at sea.

For more information please visit



or contact me on


Name Date Sank Latitude Longitude Ajax 02/09/1914 53-46-017N 000-51-890E Fittonia 02/09/1914 53-29-818N 000-55-918E * Revigo 07/09/1914 53-36-37N 000-56-607E Kilmarnock 22/02/1914 53-34-185N 000-58-324E * Rebono 23/09/1914 53-37-835N 000-56-607E Alberta 14/04/1916 53-45-0N 000-51-0E Orcades 14/04/1916 53-34-84N 000-26-46E * Rover 05/10/1916 53-37-892N 000-27-957E * Rado 14/10/1916 53-41-43N 000-39-58E * Jersey 14/10/1916 53-42-91N 000-37-18E * Jennie Buller 14/10/1916 53-39-90N 000-36-11E * Elsie 28/06/1917 53-41-417N ? 000-18-511E ? Frances 28/06/1917 Harbinger 28/06/1917 Rose of June 28/06/1917 Frigate Bird 28/06/1917 William & Betsy 28/06/1917 Alice 15/08/1917 Straton 08/02/1918 * Albion 07/07/1918

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thanks for the link this is a wonderful exhibition and it is now in Barton

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