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11th Northern Division

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Hi Guys,

my first post here. I am making a model diorama about the Yorkshire Regiment in the 11th (Northern Division) in France. I see the Divisional sign looked a bit like a key hole, does anyone know was this worn on the uniform or helmet and if so where? Many thanks in advance


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33rd brigade units wore them on rear of collar. Possibly all of 11th Division did the same.

Just a thought - The 'Ankh' (keyhole) was the Divisional Patch and as I mentioned in 33rd brigade each battalion had different patches. The 9th Sherwood Foresters had 'IV' as they were 4th in line in the Brigade. So Yorkshire's would not have had 'Ankh'


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The only Green Howard's in the 11th Division were the 6th Battalion. They were in the 32nd Brigade and 1916 wore a red horizontal rectangular battle patch on the rear of the collar. As the second most senior Battalion the patch had the Roman numeral II. I don't think the battalions wore the Divisional patch.

Page 12, British Battle Insignia (1) Chappell.


Tim D


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