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10th battalion Hampshire Regiment

Guest DeborahH

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Guest DeborahH

My great uncle, Charles William Gibbard, was a private in the 10th (service) battalion Hampshire Regiment (number 10251). He enlisted in Winchester in August 1914 and was killed at Gallipoli a year later. Thanks to a blog I found I have a good idea of the battalion's movements in that short time but I'm wondering if there is a way of finding out more about which company he was in and even whether there might be a photograph somewhere. Has anyone researched this group of men? Any information would be really useful.

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Welcome to the forum..

The Hampshire Regt Museum has lots. I would suggest contacting them. From memory the Hampshire Regiment units sent regular detailed updates which were published in their journal. It might record which Company he was in. The War Diary used to be available online from TNA for £3.30 but has been withdrawn. I have attached a transcription which might be of interest. The battalion was the only English unit in the 10th(Irish) Div and along with the 11th (Northern) and 13th (Western) Divs of Kitchener's Army were the first mass volunteer units to be used in the deliberate assault. All three units saw massive casualties within 2 weeks of landing.

5th Aug 1915: LEMNOS. Bn & 3 Coys LEINSTER REGT embarked on SS ABASSIEH and sailed at 1515 for GALLIPOLI. The Bn disembarked at ANZAC about 2000 and marched to BRIDGES ROAD. Bde HQ and the remainder of the infantry of the Bde arrived later in the evening. One man hit by bullet on the ship and was left on board.

6th Aug 1915. ANZAC: Remained in BRIDGES ROAD all day and dug in. 10 Other Ranks wounded during the day, all shrapnel. At night found the Reserve of the Force and stayed in our day position.

7th Aug 1915. ANAC: Extensive opertaions began yesterday afternoon at 1600 and went on all night and is still developing. Bn in same position.

8th Aug 1915. 0930: Marched from BRIDGES ROAD, ANZAC via SHRAPNEL GULLY - Map Ref Gallipoli KOJA DERE 1:20,000 - WALKERS RIDGE - BEACH SAP - 600 Yards N of FISHERMAN's HUTS.....

1130: Halted. Received instructions that an advance was to be made against the line pt 270 - Q on CHUNUK BAIR....

1430: Advanced by CHAILIK DERE. March and much delayed by route being blocked by troops.

1930: Bn unable to advance owing to above reasons. Reached about 80 B 2. Halted.

2130: Advance resumed, road much blocked , many halts.

9th Aug 1915. 0400: Reached about 80 D 6 on AGHYL DERE deployed in support of firing line formed of Colonial and Indian Troops and occupied ridge forming under feature NW side of CHUNUK BAIR 0530....

0800 A & D Coys and 2 MGs moved to 80 F 7 from which position they attacked pt 270. This attack reached a line 300 yards W of pt 270 in touch with troops on neither right or left. C & D Coys did not advance......

0900 A & D Coys same position entrenching. B & C Coys same positions. This entrenching took place in broad daylight under heavy shrapnel and rifle fire, latter at 300-600 yards. Heaviest casualties at this point.

10th Aug 1915. 0430. Turks attacked against A and D Coys who were reinforced by parties from C & B Coys & WOLTSHIRE REGT. Total force about 80..0900 Retirement of line to 80 D 6 under pressure of attack which had interposed between us and troops on our right.....

1000: Rallied at 80 D 6 and took up position on crest of GREEN HILL. Bn under command of Capt G E HELLYER. Only other Officer remaining Lt and QM N J SAUNDERS....

11th Aug 1915. 1200: Releived by KING'S OWN ROYAL LANCS REGT and concentrated at HQ 39th INF BDE. Reinforced by Maj L C MORLEY, Capt P H HUDSON, 2nd Lt A T CALDERWOOD and 146 Other Ranks..

12th Aug 1915. 2400: Same position Casualties see Appx I. OFFICER CASUALTY LIST 8-12th August 1915.


Capt C C BLACK-HAWKINS 10/8/15,

Capt H W SAVAGE ditto,

Lt G L CHEESMAN ditto,


2nd Lt S A SMITH ditto,

2nd Lt OS WHALEY ditto....


Lt Col W D BEWSHER ditto,

Maj A L PILLEAU ditto,

Capt T FAITH ditto,


Capt T A SHONE ditto,



Lt J H TANNER (all ditto),

2nd Lt G S H V R de GAURY ditto,

2nd Lt I H GERMAN ditto,

Lt R W PARRY 8/8/15,

2nd Lt ? L WHITTOM 10/8/15,

2nd Lt C GRELLIER ditto..

Wounded and Missing:

Capt C B HAYES 10 8/15,

Lt P L BELL ditto,

2nd Lt I MORSE ditto........

Casualties Other Ranks. Action CHUNUK BAIR 8-12 8/15 (Casualties dated 10/8/15) Killed 55, Wounded 276, Missing 97, Wounded and Missing 3. Total 431.

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Guest DeborahH

This is very helpful and interesting, thank you. I had Charlie's name read out at the Tower of London roll of honour last week and this information adds to my picture of him. I will certainly contact the Regimental Museum.

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