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Midland Horse 8th mounted Rifles

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I am struggling to find information about the Midland HOrse in the GSWA campaign.

I have been unable to get help from the SA Military Museum in Johannesburg.

Can anyone give me a little information on:

1. Midland Horse - who raised, when and where.

2. Mounted Rifles - how many units, my trooper was in the 8th Mounted Rifles, what else was in Midland Horse,

3. When did first units of Midland Horse go into GSWA and do what

4. My trooper, Grahame Munro of 8th Mounted Rifles, was at Middelburg from jan to end of Feb 1915. Thereafter Upington and in south GSWA. He mentions places I cannot be sure of and also am not sure why he was there.

a)Naidoos at end of Feb

B) in the field the troopers 'looted' a German house and shoed their horses at an abandoned German blacksmith. Where is this likely to have been and which Germans.

c) On patrol met up with the Karoo Schuters where they were stationed. Who were they and where were they stationed.

d) Why did they go in March and April to Kalkfontein and Keetmanshoop?

e) what guns were the Mounted Riflers guarding?

f) It wa a distasnce of 140 miles from Kalkfontein to Keetmanshoop - he says they got water at Kamus, Gaadwater, Drieput, Holoog, Fish River and Leheim. I cannot find these places on any map.

g)Why were these Mounted Rifles going backwarfds and forwards from Ukomaas?

As you can see my problems have a lot to do with the absence of maps. I have looked at every map accessible to me. They are more interested in Bothas northerly campaign.


Any help gratefully appreciated.


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Hamich Paterson of the Ditson National Museum of Military History in NJohannesburg has bee great. He has pushed me in right directors and all is well

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