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My great grandfather

Guest AMR1

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I am looking for any information on my Great Grandfather, He was a private in the Middlesex regiment and was an Old Contemptable. His name was James C Sheekey and served from the beginning of the war, later he was gased and returned as an ambulance driver till the end of the war. How do I find any information?

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The medal index cards are online at www.documentsonline.nationalarchives.gov.uk

so you could look him up there. I had a brief look and saw 2 James Sheekey and 1 James Sheeky - but you should look up all variations of the spelling of his surname - and also his other christian name.

Just had another look - found John C Sheeky, Middlesex Regiment L/10844

There are a number of Sheekey/Sheeky there - and you can download the MIC - £3-50 which will tell you what medals he was entitled to.

The people on this forum are very helpful - so check out the rest of the forum and the main site as well.

Good luck with your research.


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Dear AMR1, welcome to the forum and good luck. Best thing you can do to start with is follow the advice given at the top of the forum and read through the Grandads War section on the Long, Long Trail website. It will tell you how to go about researching him.

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