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110th (Leicestershire) Brigade - Nominal Rolls


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I've just read the kindle edition of Matthew Richardsons "The Tigers" and appendix II & III are nominal roles of the men who served throughout the war, however you have to send off to pen & sword for an email copy as they are not in the book itself, having so far received no reply from pen & sword I wondered if anyone had a copy of these they would consider sharing?

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I bought a copy when the book originally came out, and I was a little disappointed, as it was (as i recollect) the 1914-15 Medal Roll for the 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th Leicesters, with a few additional notes with deaths, woundings, etc. However, I was very impressed with the book, which I go back to regularly (and might consider as my Desert Island choice).

Have you got a specific query, or are just generally interested? If it is the former, I can try & find the info.



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Sorry to jump in on this thread.

Would be interested in 7th battn entries for - 13392 Sjt W Ellis DCM (My grandfather) and 13402 L/Sjt E Ellis ( My great Uncle )

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@dave ricketts

Thanks for the offer, I was interested for general research and some specifics, and as the appendices are part of the book I would like to be able to use them.

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I'm afraid it's not complete, has already mentioned by Dave it only includes the Leicesters 1914-15 Star Medal Roll, so there are a good selection of men missing.


11260 Pte. William Greenfield, date of entry 29.07.1915 with the Leicesters, but transferred to the RASC and is on the their roll.



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