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J F Barnes, East Surrey Regiment


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Hello everyone,

I'm looking at a pistol with "J F Barnes, East Surrey" engraved on it. Is there anyway to see if there was a J F Barnes in the East Surrey Regiment e.g. a muster list or regimental history? Google hasn't turned up anything yet.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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Dr Numbers

Welcome to the forum

There is a John F Barnes listed in the East Surrey Regiment and Labour Corps, Regimental Numbers 15581 and 651207 respectively. If this your man the Medal Index Card (MIC) can be found on Ancestry at:


It is only an initial check but he appears to be the only person with those initials and surname listed in the East Surreys. If no one else on the forum comes up with an alternative I'll check in more detail later.



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Thank you very much for your lead. Unfortunately, his medal card has little more detail than you have already provided. I don't see anything to indicate his battalion. His rank is given as Private, do you know what duties would have warranted a Private having a Webley? Lastly, his service in the Labour Corps indicates that he was below 'A1' medical condition sometime after 1917. Perhaps he was suffering from illness or had been wounded?

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