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Henry Patrick Victor Adam

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I wonder whether anyone is able to help me identify the regiment of my great-uncle, Henry Patrick Victor Adam. He was the youngest of 13 children and amongst my grandfather's old pictures, I found this one which I believe is Uncle Henry. He was born in 1897 and signed up underage. As he grew up in Newcastle, it would make sense if he joined a local regiment, although I know that doesn't necessarily ring true.

If anyone can identify the regiment and/or tell me anything whatsoever about him, I would be eternally grateful.

(He did survive, never married and I do remember him as an old man, but I never knew he'd fought until recently when I found a letter he'd written from the trenches - probably Belgium or France - in November 1916.)


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The wings would indicate that - thank you for the suggestion - and yet I'm not sure how an RAF cadet would be able to fight in the trenches, unless the picture is of one of the other brothers and not Uncle Henry. I'll do a little search to see what his other brothers did, although I think they were busy in manufacturing.

Any other suggestions welcome.

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RAF began as a service in April 1918,when it took over the Army's RFC duties,so from that date,or after. He will likely have a service record and may be on the Nat Archives' database in AIR76.

Later: did an online search on ADAM and AIR76 (and the ADAMS too !) but a file ref not seen. Don't let that stop you looking for yourself ! Gremlins will be gremlins !

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  • Admin

#or his record could still be with the MoD.

I'll move this to the War in the Air section and maybe the experts there will notice it.


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