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Hello I came across an old topic on here about the 8th Bn Welsh Regiment and noticed that people were talking about a war diary of sorts with names and information about its members.

I have recently found out that an ancestor of mine was in this batallion, and was wondering if anyone had access to this diary to see if there is any information on him.

His name was David Ingram, he died on 26th August 1916 in Basra aged 39, his regimental number was 38351

I would love to her any information that anyone could help me with. Thank you very much.


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Welcome to the Forum LA.

I take it that you already have his parents & wifes names from the CWGC website?

Soldiers Died in the Great War also gives :

38351 Pte. Ingram : born in Penygraig, enlisted in Maesteg, and was resident in Caerau, Glamorgan.

They indicate that he "Died" which suggests it was of illness rather than wounds.

The war diary for the period you are asking about is here :


Unfortunately it has not been digitised yet, but it may well be very soon. It could only be viewed in Kew at the moment.

You should be warned that it is very unlikely that he would be mentioned in it though.


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8th was rasied as a Pioneer Battalion in Aug 1914 as a Kitchener unit in Cardiff before rapidly going to Sailsbury.

If you are local to South Wales the regimental musuem in Brecon may hold a copy of the diary, but as mentioned other ranks rarely get a mention.

Given the place of death he will now be recorded in the Head office of the CWGC. http://www.cwgc.org/find-a-cemetery/cemetery/57200/BASRA%20WAR%20CEMETERY

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Thank you so much for your help and replies. Yes I am local to South Wales, so thanks on the advise about Brecon. Yeah sadly I had feared that due to him being a private that he would'nt have been in the war diary, thank you BillyH as I hadnt found that particular piece about him before, thanks again!


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From Marden's History of the Welsh Regiment:

There is little to record of the doings of the 8th Welsh during this summer when the thermometer rose to 125° in the shade. Up to 25th August the Battalion remained at Shaikh Saad, the companies generally detached on various working, escort or guard duties. The Arabs were very bold during this period, attacking small parties to steal rifles and mules. “A” Company’s water party was ambushed on 28th June, Corporal D. Smith (10051) and Private Lewis (24856) being killed, together with two native drivers and ten mules taken away. The two Welshmen put up a gallant fight, and the Battalion Diary records that the Corporal, when dying, rendered his rifle useless by taking out the bolt, which was found later hidden under his arm.


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