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I am currently hunting down the medals of my Great-Grand Uncle, Private Frederick Gilbert of the 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers, 56628. His Medal Index Card informs me that he was awarded the Victory Medal and the British War Medal.

It's been mentioned that they've probably been sold to medal collectors seeing as he now has no immediate family left as he was only 19 at time of death. His eldest sibling, Mary Ann Gilbert, (later know as Dorothy Boultwood) died in 1982 and his youngest sibling, Harold Gilbert died in 1988 so we're guessing the medals were given to one of his brothers and sisters in between. However, on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website, they have all the listings of casualties. For his record, the printable certificate has Dorothy Boultwood's name, presumably as next of kin.

If anyone knows of some medal collectors that may be able to help, it'd be greatly appreciated.

My email is fahughes0609@hotmail.co.uk. I ask that you use 'MEDAL INFORMATION' as the subject line as I tend to delete all my emails rather quickly unless they're of major importance plus, I'm slightly blind in one eye so I find it difficult to read things off of a screen.

Plus it's not for me that I'm trying to find them, well, not just me. My Great-Uncle was interested in finding them so I said I'd start the search online and he'd ask any relatives he knew of. It's mean a great deal to him to see them so if anyone knows anything about tracking medals down, please get in touch! Thanks.


I am also trying to find a photo of him. And I was just wondering, were soldiers photographed when they signed up so the were would be one on record to identify and also so they could send a photo home to loved ones.

Once again anyone who can help me please can get in touch on the above email (highlighted) with the subject line 'PHOTOGRAPHY - WW1'.

Thanks in advance,


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