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Remembered Today:

Glasgow Cathedral Commemoration Service 4/8/2014


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Could anyone fail to be moved by Joanne Thomson's reading of Anne Thomas's account of her last night & final farewell to her husband, the poet Edward Thomas, as he went back to the war to meet his death serving with the London Rifles a few months later?

For anyone who didn't see it this morning, please take a little time to do so: BBCiPlayer Click (Sorry!, it's necessary to run forward to 1:31:30 if you don't want to see the whole service & the lengthy preamble)

Anne Thomas's, account of the final days of her husband's leave can be found Here & Joanne Thomson's thoughts on why she wasn't feeling nervous about the forthcoming reading, Here


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Definitely a highlight, watched it last, after an interesting evening.

[incidentally although he enlisted in the Artists Rifles he never went overseas with them gaining a commission in the RGA and this was the last day of his embarkation leave]

But yes must be seen!


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Haven't watched the whole of it yet, but I will just note (since the commentary didn't see fit to do so) that the opening anthem, "I will lift up mine eyes", setting verses from Psalm 121 is by Sir Philip Ledger.

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