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Marmaduke Gilbert Middlesex Regiment


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I have researching Marmaduke Gilbert. His medal index card number says he was with the Middlesex regiment as a private number 7672 and then changed to 202997 still with the Middlesex Regiment. The role of honour in his local church says he served with the 9th Middlesex. I was wondering if there is a way of getting more info about him and his service. The victory and british medal details are the same details. There is no details about theatre of war first served in and date of entry.

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Here is a guide...

1/9th Battalion Territorial Force

04.08.1914 Stationed at Willesden Green, N.W. Middlesex Brigade, the Home Counties Division. Moved to Minster nr Sheerness and then on to Sittingbourne.

30.10.1914 Mobilised and left Southampton for India.

02.12.1914 Arrived Bombay, the Home Counties Division is broken up.

19.11.1917 Moved to Basra leaving Karachi.

24.11.1917 Transferred to 53rd Brigade of the 18th Indian Division and remained in Mesopotamia, north of Tikrit until the end of the war. They were involved in the following actions;

23-26.10.1918 Battles at Fat-ha Gorge and Little Zab

28-30.10.1918 The Battle of Sharqat

Try looking for the war diary via national archives

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think they were at Sulva Bay,Galopoli on 9 August 1915 ...then evacuated to Egypt fight 1915/16

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I haven't been able to track this chap down yet... has anyone else tried?



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The roll of honour says M. W. John Gilbert 9th Middlesex. His name was Marmaduke William John Gilbert. I found the medal card for a Marmaduke and he was in the Middlesex Regiment. So I assumed it is the same one. I have looked at the 9th battalion renumbering on that website; the 9th battalion numbers are 265001-29000. His number fits in with the 7th battalion which are 200001-240000.


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