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Another Interpretation Please ?

Guest kathy w

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Remarks on medal card are-

Returned (1743 KR) 8071/act- not sure about act .

Relative's name is Harvey Curner Pte 135586 RAMC. Would this be hard to find if records still exist?

Thank You,


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As far as I read it, the medals were returned (1743 KR)=1743KR Kings regulations. I assume that act 8071 is a law that can be found on the statute books.


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Hi Kathy

Only about a third of service papers survived the WW2 blitz Im afraid, but its worth having a look (or paying a researcher to do it if you cant get there)

The medals could have been returned if he was in a hospital at the end of the war, or if he / his family werent traceable (etc), but the Statutes Tom mentioned may help to explain why

Good luck


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Guest Ian Bowbrick

The service record is unnecessary in the instance - the medal roll will be better as the statement will be repeated. It is actually adt ie disposal of unclaimed medals. These were kept for 10 years by the medal office and then sent to Woolwich for disposal.

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