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Remembered Today:

Two men from one small village


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On this day, 31st July, in 1917 two men from one small village in Devon were killed in action at 3rd Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)

Captain Frederick George Causley, originally with the Cold Stream Guards had been transferred to the Kings Own Scottish Borders on receiving his commission.

Lieutenant Harold Vaughan was with the Royal Field Artillery

Remembered today and commemorated in an exhibition in Kenton this weekend.

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Sergeant Causley was awarded the DCM.

Edinburgh Gazette 6 April 1915 Issue:12791 Page:495

7387 Serjeant Causley F.G. 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards

For gallantry and ability on 6th February

1915, at Cuinchy, in leading his

platoon in the charge on the brickfields,

which were captured under

heavy fire, and for the able manner

in which he placed his position afterwards

iu a state of defence.

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... and as per the Roll of Honour website, he's obviously also commemorated at Crowborough which has this:-

CAUSLEY. Frederick George. Captain, 7th/8th Battalion, King’s Own Scottish Borderers. Killed in action 31 July 1917. Aged 26.
Son of Albert and Elizabeth Causley, of 43, Regent Square, Heavitree, Exeter;
husband of Margaret Husband (formerly Causley), of 2, Forest View, Marden’s Hill, Crowborough, Sussex.
Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal (D.C.M.)
No known grave. Commemorated on Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial. Panel 22.
2nd Lt. F.G. Causley was appointed to be acting Captain on commanding a Company, 21 July 1917.
On 13th October 1916, Company Sergeant Major F. G. Causley, Coldstream Guards, appointed to 2nd Lt., King’s Own Scottish Borderers, for service in the field.
Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal, (D.C.M.), Sergeant F. G. Causley, 3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards. ‘For gallantry and ability on 6th February, 1915, at Cuinchy, in leading his platoon in the charge on the brickfields, which were captured under heavy fire, and for the able manner in which he placed his position afterwards in a state of defence’. [London Gazette 1 April 1915]
You obviously know more specifically where these two men came from, as Kenton doesn't appear on their CWGC records, just Heavitree, which suffered significantly more casualties....
BARNETT JAMES J 34 21/11/1918 Pioneer
BARROW ARTHUR GUY A G 29 29/09/1918 Private
BERRY WILLIAM HENRY W H 23 02/04/1915 Gunner
BISHOP WILLIAM FRANK W F 22 31/05/1916 Stoker 1st Class
BOULT WALTER HARRY W H 37 19/11/1918 Sapper
BULTEEL FREDERICK THOMAS F T 07/11/1918 Lance Corporal
CASTLE LESLIE VINCENT L V 23 10/09/1918 Lance Corporal
CAUSLEY FREDERICK GEORGE F G 26 D C M 31/07/1917 Captain
CHAPMAN W E 19 21/10/1918 Private
CHATFIELD JOHN WILLIAM J W 28 25/09/1915 Private
COLE ROBERT R 28 06/02/1915 Serjeant
COLLACOTT FREDERICK JOHN F J 19 20/05/1918 Private
COOME HENRY H 23 12/12/1914 Private
CRYER HENRY GEORGE H G 21 20/11/1914 Able Seaman
DART CHARLES ERNEST C E 26 21/04/1917 Leading Stoker
DAVIS HARRY H 22/02/1916 Chief Petty Officer
DE THIERRY MARTIN M 27 03/11/1918 Sapper
DOREY MAURICE HERBERT M H 19 30/09/1918 Gunner
DORMAN ALFRED GEORGE A G 26 31/05/1916 Private
EARLE WILLIAM HENRY W H 28 14/01/1917 Rifleman
FARNHAM C 23 03/04/1918 Corporal
FEWINGS HERBERT REGINAL H R 19 27/05/1918 Private
FRENCH C W H 34 11/02/1919 Lance Corporal
GORE ALBERT CHARLES A C 28 26/09/1915 Lance Corporal
HALL ALBERT JAMES A J 21 12/02/1915 Private
HAWKINS F 23 11/09/1916 Lance Corporal
HAWKINS WALTER HENRY W H 27 24/11/1915 Private
HERBERT ROBERT JOHN R J 39 09/08/1917 Petty Officer Stoker
HILL ALBERT EDWARD A E 19 21/11/1915 Lance Corporal
HILL JAMES HENRY NORMAN J H N 20 19/11/1914 Lance Corporal
HILL WILLIAM RICHARD W R 50 17/05/1917 Able Seaman
HOLWILL ROBERT HENRY R H 35 23/05/1918 Private
HURVED ALFRED CHARLES A C 20 25/05/1915 Private
KNIGHT A W H 21 04/10/1917 Private
LACEY MICHAEL M 31 29/03/1917 Acting Bombardier
LAMB EDWIN BERNARD E B 23 26/10/1917 Corporal
LANGDON EDWARD JOHN E J 39 31/08/1917 Sapper
LAVER ALFRED LIONEL A L 23 01/09/1915 Lance Corporal
LAVER CHARLES BERTRAM C B 23 14/03/1920 Serjeant
LEAMAN FREDERICK F 19 31/07/1917 Private
LEAMAN J B 25 M M 26/11/1918 Serjeant
LINTERN CHARLES HERBERT C H 17 13/01/1915 Boy 1st Class
LOW CHARLES C 34 23/03/1918 Private
MARTIN G 03/12/1916 Serjeant Major
MARWOOD FRED F 25 21/06/1917 Private
MASHFORD BERTRAM B 36 07/11/1917 Private
MITCHELL EDWARD GEORGE E G 40 22/09/1917 Sergeant Major
NEEDS RICHARD JAMES R J 38 26/03/1918 Private
NETHERCOTT WALTER JACOB W J 27 01/07/1916 Private
NICHOLLS WILLIAM FREDERICK W F 25 10/02/1917 Writer 2nd
PARSONS ALFRED CYRIL A C 25 29/03/1918 Captain
PARSONS SAMUEL REGINALD S R 20 09/04/1917 Lieutenant
PEARCE WILLIAM FORWARD W F 21 05/10/1918 Private
PERKINS WILLIAM JOHN W J 19 22/03/1918 02/04/1918 Private
PHILLIPS A H 23 05/06/1916 Private
PORTCH E H 39 13/02/1919 Private
PRESCOTT JAMES HENRY MOSES J H M 29 08/10/1918 Serjeant
PULLEN VALENTINE V 20 24/07/1915 Private
RAKESTROW WILLIAM GERALD W G 31 Mentioned in Despatches 03/05/1916 Lance Corporal
REED A J 19 01/07/1916 Private
REED EDGAR WALTER E W 23 08/08/1919 Private
RICE E J 14/12/1918 Flight Cadet
ROBERTS JAMES J 42 01/11/1914 Petty Officer Stoker
SLADE WALTER AUGUSTUS W A 33 21/04/1917 Private
SMITH FREDERICK F G 25 21/08/1915 Serjeant
SMITH-MARRIOTT HUGH JOHN WYLDBORE H J W 20 19/10/1918 Private 2nd Class
SNELL WILLIAM EDWARD W E 56 09/03/1919 Shipwright 1st Class
SOPER HUBERT H 21 28/03/1918 Lance Corporal
STOKES ARTHUR JOHN A J 24 M M 15/04/1918 Private
TELLING CHARLES C 25 09/11/1917 Serjeant
THRESHER A 01/07/1916 Serjeant
TUCKER LEONARD EDMUND L E 26 07/10/1919 Serjeant
WEBBER ROBERT R 18 25/09/1915 Private
WHITFIELD JOHN J 32 08/09/1917 Driver
WILLIS WILLIAM RUSSELL W R 28 19/07/1916 Private
WILSON JOHN HAROLD J H 26 20/09/1917 Corporal
WILSON WILLIAM SIDNEY W S 32 24/03/1918 Driver
WISSMAN JOHN RUDOLPH J R 23 15/09/1914 Lieutenant
WOOLLACOTT SIDNEY S 28 26/05/1918 Sapper
WYNTER HUGH TALBOT H T 41 Mentioned in Despatches 15/09/1914 Major

As regards, Kenton, do you have details of these men?

ANDREWS WILLIAM JOHN W J 35 26/12/1916 Private Devonshire Regiment "C" Coy. 9th Bn.
BRICKNELL A E 38 06/11/1918 Private Devonshire Regiment 1st/5th Bn.
COUNTER H J 44 10/11/1919 Petty Officer 1st Class Royal Navy H.M.S. "Suffolk."
ELLIOTT HAROLD BERNARD RALPH H B R 18 02/09/1918 Private King's Shropshire Light Infantry 7th Bn.
PIKE E H 02/02/1918 Private Grenadier Guards 1st Bn.
ROBERTS JAMES J 42 01/11/1914 Petty Officer Stoker Royal Navy H.M.S. "Monmouth"
STEVENS WILLIAM HENRY W H 25 25/09/1915 Private Devonshire Regiment 8th Bn.
VAUGHAN HAROLD H 40 31/07/1917 Lieutenant Royal Field Artillery Adjt. "A" Bty. 74th Bde. (obviously!)
WHITTON THOMAS EDWARD LOVELL T E L 19 25/08/1918 Private Wiltshire Regiment 1st Bn
Have a good exhibition!
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Indeed. Frederick Causley was born and raised in Kenton and went to the village school. He lived with his parents in High Street Kenton. His father was an agricultural estate worker. Almost certainly that means he worked for the Powderham Estate (Earl of Devon) - lots of people in the village did. Frederick joined the army at 16. His parents moved to Exeter sometime after the beginning of the war, possibly because his father took up some other war related work there or in Exeter. He is commemorated on the Kenton war memorial as well as the ones in Crowborough and Heavitree.

There are 20 men commemorated in the exhibition. 14 are listed on the war memorial and there is also a memorial board in the church which lists the same 14 plus an additional 4 names. There are also a further 2 men who are buried in the churchyard which are listed by the CWGC as war graves.

Kevin, your list of Kenton men includes three names which aren't included in my 20

PIKE E H 02/02/1918 Private Grenadier Guards 1st Bn.
ROBERTS JAMES J 42 01/11/1914 Petty Officer Stoker Royal Navy H.M.S. "Monmouth"
STEVENS WILLIAM HENRY W H 25 25/09/1915 Private Devonshire Regiment 8th Bn.
Where did your list originate? I'm fairly new to all this and am now worrying that we have missed some we should have included.
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Sorry, Ann, I'm on of those irritating people who, just when you think you've finished pops up with more Names!

Using the CWGC Debt of Honour database I simply selected First World War and in the Additional Information simply put "Kenton".

You can then click on the arrowhead in the Names column to arrange alphabetically then Export to Excel and strip out those that don't refer to Kenton, Exeter...

PIKE, E H. Rank: Private. Service No: 29014. Date of Death: 02/02/1918.
Regiment/Service: Grenadier Guards 1st Bn.
Grave Reference: II. B. 28. Cemetery: LEVEL CROSSING CEMETERY, FAMPOUX
Additional Information: Son of Mrs. F. Pike, of High St., Kenton, Exeter.
ROBERTS, JAMES. Rank: Petty Officer Stoker. Service No: 276533. Date of Death: 01/11/1914. Age:42.
Regiment/Service: Royal Navy H.M.S. "Monmouth"
Panel Reference: 3. Memorial: PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL
Additional Information: Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.
Son of John Roberts, of South Town, Kenton, Exeter; husband of L. J. Roberts, of 7, Sivell Place, Heavitree, Exeter.
STEVENS, WILLIAM HENRY. Rank: Private. Service No: 10816. Date of Death: 25/09/1915. Age:25.
Regiment/Service: Devonshire Regiment 8th Bn.
Panel Reference: Panel 35 to 37. Memorial: LOOS MEMORIAL.
Additional Information: Son of Harry and Sarah Jane Stevens, of Hill Head, Mamhead, Kenton, Exeter; husband of the late Elizabeth Stevens.

You could do the same with the Military database in SDGW using Kenton for every field, and hopefully (?) there may be some more hits!

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Ok, more to do. Good job this was just the tart of a four year project.

Off to set up the exhibition later this morning. Anyone local do come along.

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