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Fusiliers - but which ones?


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Hi there

I'm looking to identify two battalions of "fusiliers", please. The information I have does not help me to identify them, even using Becke, so I hope someone out there can help me, please. (I'm reading the 14-18 diaries of General Thomas Morland).

1. 20 April 1915 (Morland's 5th Division had just captured Hill 60)

"....the Fusiliers of 28th Division were put at our disposal.".......................Becke has 2/NF and 3/RF in 28th Division at this time....which is more likely?

2. 19 June 1918

"...........then to HQ Fusiliers at Chocques."

Morland was GOC XIII Corps at this time, commanding 3rd and 4th Divisions.

Becke at this time: 3rd Division: 1/RSF,1/NF, 4/RF

4th Division: 2/LF....................................which of these four is the most likely?

I would be very grateful for any information you could provide - thanks

Best wishes - Bill

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The Fusiliers from April 1915 would be the 2nd Btn Northumberland Fusiliers as they were part of the 84th Brigade which was temporarily under the command of 5th Division from February to April 1915. The 3rd Btn Royal Fusiliers were in 85th Brigade & they were temporarily under the command of 3rd Division during the same period.

Information sourced from the Long Long Trail

The 1918 question is far more difficult to answer & I'm afraid I don't have a definitive one. Having reviewed the casualties buried at Chocques Military Cemetery & the date of the diary entry I would say that the 1st Btn Northumberland Fusiliers is the best bet as they have circa a dozen casualties buried there in May & June 1918 (more if you count April as well). Whilst the 1st Btn Royal Scots Fusiliers & the 4th Btn Royal Fusiliers both have casualties at the cemetery, they are far less in number (3 & 2 respectively) & date from April only. The war diaries would give a definative answer, but unfortunately I only have the 1st RSF up to March 1916 & none of the others

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