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The intro to the photos reads:

"A Viscount in the Armored Cavalry Branch of the French Army left behind a collection of hundreds of glass plates taken during World War One (WWI) that have never before been published. The images, by an unknown photographer, show the daily life of soldiers in the trenches, destruction of towns and military leaders. The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of the WWI, with the first shots fired on July 28, 1914."

There is some overlap of content on these two sites, but apparently from the same collection. The photos in this collection are quite large making minute details easy to see.

This one has some excellent photos as well. (Use the arrows beside photo to 'scroll' thru photos. Description is below the photo.)

Since these are news stories, the links may not be up for long.


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A very similar image, taken a few seconds either way of No. 4 in the first series (= Boston.com - "Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener (2nd left) meeting French General Albert Baratier (right), on horseback, as French Marshal Joseph Joffre looks on (2nd right), on the Champagne front, Eastern France in 1915"), although not showing the chap in the civvies, is published in L’Album de la Guerre (Paris 1926), vol 1, p. 326, and is there dated to 16 August 1915.

The image is no. 11 in the second series, msn news.

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