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Mining Officer- Kemmel August 15. Lt Pick?

IRC Kevin

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Am I reading this man's name correctly from the diary extract below? I can't find a suitable MIC for any officer from the RE with the very apt surname of 'Pick'. (William Henry Pick was only commissioned in 1918) I am of course presuming, possibly erroneously, that the 'Mining Officer' would be from a Tunneling Company and therefore would be in the RE? 1/KOYLI were in 83 Bde, though not holding the sector with J3 at that time and an officer of the DLI by the name of Alfred James Pick was attached to KOYLI, though I don't know which battalion or when. Being DLI there could be a mining background, but as he later transferred to the RAF, I can't get his MIC off Ancestry to see if he'd got a 14-15 Star.

1/5 King's Own war diary for 18 August 1915,

"OC H3 Trench reports mining under right flank of H3. Mining Officer from J3 investigated. Reported that no danger threatened."

83 Bde war diary for same date.

"5.29 a.m. Mining Section reports that Lt Pick went up to H3 with 2 listeners and began listening at 1.45 a.m. and finished 3.15 a.m. Nothing was heard during this time. The trench is 120 yards from Germans and it is probable that mining has begun as timber has been seen being brought along."


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His MIC is available on ancestry as A. J. [Alfred James] Pick, 2nd Lt. D.L.I. attd. K.O.Y.L.I., Lt. R.A.F. (R.A.F. is not indexed). To France 26.5.1915. Deceased 2.12.1918.

This is the link to ancestry. I hope it works.


Medals (1914-15 Star, B.W.M. and V.M.) to A. Pick Esq. (Father), Vulcan Place, Bedlington, Bedlington Colliery, Northumberland.

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Many thanks, Gentlemen. Looks like Alfred James Pick could very well be the very aptly named Mining Officer for 28 Division.

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