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Remembered Today:

LOOS Sept 1915. 15th division's gun lines.

20th Division

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Seeking an expert's opinion as to the location of the 15th division's gun lines ( 18pdrs and howitzers)during the preliminary bombardment of enemy lines and during the battle of Loos in 1915. Many thanks. David.

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Two additional bits of info that may help the right person to help with this. I believe it was probably northwards along the lane that leads from mazingarbe to Le Rutoire this give a range of about 1500 yds to the German first line and no-mans land or do any artillery experts think the lines were further back?i.e. towards Philosophe? I believe the guns would have been along or close to a trackway or road for access of ammunition supply and a speedy get away if needed? Hope an expert in the siting of artillery pieces can shed some light on this. Thanks. david

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