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Guest Trench Boezinge

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Guest Trench Boezinge

Hello, I'm new. (sorry if my English is not so good)

I live since 2002 in Boezinge this is a little town nothwest of Ypres,

before I lived in Rekkem by Menen.

My interest in the war came when my dog dug a hole in my backyard,

brushing the earth back in the hole I found a bullet on my terrace almost emmediatly my interest began to grow, then searching on my property I began to find other bullets, lead marbles (I found out later those were from shells) even buttons and a shoe (which my dog ate ;) ). Then I found out I lived in the middle of the battlefield around Ypres with British Cemeteries every mile.

With my boots I went on the acres of the local farmers and got home with a bayonet, a drinking canteen, even a mauser rifle, an imploded canon and other (later I will show you pictures of them).

With respect for the soldiers of the great war, I never dug a hole to find something you can find a lot at the surface when the farmers just harvested. (and isn't around ;) )

To the point :

I would like for the interested ones to make field research in the area of Ypres, make Photographs of gravestones or graveyards ...for free.

If will try to forfill your request. If it is possible for me ...

anyway I will contact you back through this forum

Sincerly Joffrey

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Welcome to the Forum. Your English is fine - very much better than my Flemish. I know Boezinge fairly well and visited Artillery Wood Cemetery, last time I was in the area.

I hope you enjoy your time here on the Forum

John (in north west England)

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Hi Joffrey,

Welcome to the forum, and as John said, your English is fine and much better than any of my foreign languages....

Steve Chilton

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