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30th HAG


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I am hoping that someone out there will be able to help me find out about my Grandfather. He was seriously wounded in WW1 but as yet I do not know where.I have managed to trace him from June 1916 to February 1917 but after that is where I need some help.

My Grandfather was Pte J Worthy 74727 RAMC,from June 1916 to February 1917 he was with 141 Field Ambulance. On February 19th 1917 an entry ion The War Diary of 141 FA records the transfer of 3 Privates to 30 HAG which I believe is 30th Heavy Artillery Group. The 3 men were Pte Amos; Pte Millard and my Grandfather Pte J Worthy. The entry does not say what unit they was transferred to, it just says 30 Hag. At the time they were at Neuve Eglise.

I understand that 30 HAG was made up of 4 RGA units [228;270;72 and 181] plus 2 Canadian units the 4th and the 6th Canadian siege Batteries.

Does anyone know if 30 HAG had a RAMC unit attached or if 30 Hag had its own medics[which seems unlikely].It was only called 30 HAG between April 1916 and December 1917.I am also told that 30 HAG kept a war diary but so far I have not found it.

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My g/father was the RSM of the 30th HAG but as far as I can recall there is very little (or none) mention of transfers of troops/medics in and out of the unit. Officers yes, they counted in the GW but not ordinary

soldiers. War diaries of the HAG were, a few years ago anyway, on Canadian archives and could be accessed through that organisation. Will have a look for you later today.

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if you have a look at the link below there is a section headed Royal Artillery in which bits and pieces of the artillery groups you are interested in are mentioned.


There are other sections in the whole link that may be of help to you. The piece of war diary that I have is of March 1916 (presumably as there is no year mentioned), and the only personalities mentioned

are of two officer transfers.

Hope this may start you on a path that is fruitful.

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