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Afternoon everyone.

I'm doing my friends family tree with great success, until I decided to look to see if he served WW1, I found his record and I know it's definitely him because of his wife his parents, occupation and area. But it says his name is Fred, some places Frederick George or sometimes Frederick Charles his name was Sydney Francis, he did have a brother Fred.

Luckily my friends mum is still alive so she asked her as it was her dad if she had any clues, she hasn't.

Any thoughts.

Thanks Kim

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It wasn't uncommon for men to serve under different names (it's also possible pages of the records have been mixed up - it's not unusual for paperwork to be in the wrong files).

What's his service number ?


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Just to reinforce Craig's (ss002d6252) comment regarding aliases, I have several instances of aliases being used in my own family tree, the most prominent being my grandfather who enlisted using his brother's Christian names and he kept using those names until he died. He never revealed to his family the reason why (in fact the only time he used his real identity was in the 1930's when he had to sort out his pension with his then current employer). His brother whose identity he took also served using his own name but for the New Zealand forces. I also have a grand uncle who unusually changed his Christian name from Edward to Audrey when he served ( I have his service papers supporting this and like your example, his parents, wife and children, address etc. all match his family details before and after the war). Funnily enough both served in the Artillery.



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