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1/6th KLR - problems tracing Alfred Edward Jones

Guest Ozpyne

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My Great Uncle was Alfred Edward Jones, born in Leominster in June 1898. His father was Robert Jones and he moved the family to Garston in Liverpool in the early 1900s. The last census in 1911 shows then at 39 Macbride Street, Garston.

My mums friend started to do some research on Fred and passed me some info she found:

That he was a Private in the 1/6th KLR

His regiment number was 059367

He died at Ypres on 31 July 1917.

I have taken this info as gospel (possibly wrongly) and done a fair bit of research based on these facts and found his medals on the medal roll, lots on the 1/6ths activities (his assumed regiment) around the time he (presumably) died, and about the Battle of Pilckem Ridge, where he must have died, given his date of death and the fact that his body was never recovered. His name is on the Menin Gate.

However.... Problem! I am not sure if I have been working using duff info as a starting place all along and am now beyond confused. I don't want to approach my Mums friend and pump her for info as to how she sourced and verified this info given she's getting on in age and it would seem rude as she did this as a kind favour to my mum. I also have her handwritten notes and there are no sources written, just the info above.

How can I ensure that her Fred is THE Fred? I can't find his service record but have just found one for another Fred Jones, (as he was called rather than Alfred) from Garston, Liverpool who survived the war and his father was called John, not Robert Jones. Obviously not our Fred. My Mums friend had jotted some notes down about this Fred though so I'm starting to worry my research is wrong. There are likely a number of Alfred Joneses around given the commonality of the name.

Fred was definitely with the KLR but was he really in the 1/6th, do I have the correct regiment number for him and the correct date of death? If anyone can find his service record as this will have his fathers name and address on it, as well his accurate regiment number, this would provide a lot of peace on mind and help me to move forward with my search for more info on him.


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Start with the details you trust and know for certain about your Alfred Edward Jones.

Rely on any surviving letters, paperwork and photo's held within the family - they will relate to the right man

See if you can find an obituary in the local papers for the Alfred Edward Jones you have identified, it may well provide details of his other family members and info about his life before the war that would agree with what you already know. They also commonly give some scant service details, perhaps even his rank and number or perhaps a "broad brush" location for his death.

It would be interesting to know why you suddenly distrust the information you were first given and/or what had been the process to put that information together for you in the first place. It looks like they started with the name and found one to match on CWGC. This may be based on knowing his date of death and that he served with KLR. There were over 80 men with the surname Jones who died on 31/07/1917 according to CWGC, but only one Alfred Edward.

Sorry this is a vague reply, but without knowing what you know for certain, it is difficult to know which bits of "evidence" to build on and which to ignore.

I don't know if this will have helped or not, but I hope it has.



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I think you have the right man!

Soldiers Died in the Great War lists him as :

59367 (not 059367) Pte. Alfred Edward Jones : 6th Battalion King's Liverpool

Born in Lempster, Herts.

Enlisted + Resident in Liverpool

Killed in Action 31.7.1917


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His death was announced in The Liverpool Echo on Thursday, 16 August 1917.



JONES - July 31, killed in action, aged 19 years, Rifleman A. E. (Fred) Jones, dearly-loved second son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Jones, 13, Woolton-road (late 39, M'Bride-street, Garston)

Somewhere in France in a soldier's grave,

Lies the one we loved amongst the brave;

O God, how mysterious and strange are Thy ways,

To take him away in the best of his days.

There is a link death cannot sever,

Love and remembrance will live for ever.

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Some additional information from the WW1 Liverpool Regt database - which is not on the internet.

To France with 19 KLR 23/5/17. Posted from to 1/6 KLR 9/6/17. Killed in action 31/7/17

Second son of Mr and Mrs Robert Jones of 13 Woolton Rd, Garston and formerly of 59 McBride St. Educated at the National Day School. He was a telegraph clerk at Church Rd Station for the L&NW Railway Company. Enlisted January 1917 and had only been in France for 6 weeks before he met his death. Aged 19. With his elder brother he belonged to the Island Rd Scout Club and attended the Presbyterian Sunday School. He was killed by shell fire whilst digging in following an attack on the German lines.

And finally his photo . .


I will get in touch via PM to send you more information


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