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Labour Corps 482 Agric Company


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Can any forum members provide information about the 482 Agric Company. My Great Uncle, Josiah Hibbett (Hibbert) No. 396058 was posted to the Labour Corps in 1917. He had previously served with 1/5th Leicester's but got a Blighty wound B1 or B2) in June 1915, which after rehab training and a long period with 4th Reserve Leicester's lead to his posting to the Labour Corps.

The following scan his from his Army Service Records and I would be grateful if someone could interpret what it means.

Any help and information much appreciated.



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From "No Labour, No Battle":

482 Agricultural Company was based at Leicester

Army Council Instruction (ACI) 1395 of 10th September 1917 "stated that men being posted to agricultural companies should, where possible, be sent to a part of the country where they worked in civil life."

I don't know what the second document referred to is.


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Hi Phil,

Thanks for decoding that part for me. Every little helps.

I don't have a copy of No Labour, No Battle at the moment but plan to get the paperback when it is published this September.

Thanks for your help.


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