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689 Company RASC (Mechanical Transport)


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I'm looking for some help. I have a post card supposedly dated 18 February 1918 and sent by a B S Fisher to his wife. My wife bought it on ebay. It is written in pencil. There is no stamp on it or Army censor stamp, so it wasn't posted. The man could have given it to her in person or not sent it at all. There is an address on it in Westmorland in Lancashire.

Having researched it there was a Ben Stout Fisher who was born in Westmorland who served in the First World War in 689 Company RASC (Mechanical Transport). He enlisted on 26 August 1915 and sailed from Devonport on 20 September 1916 arriving in Salonica on 2 October 1916. He leaves there on 3 March 1919 arrives back in England on 18 March 1919 and is demobbed on 3 April 1919.

My problem with the authenticity of the postcard is that under the date, 18 February 1918 it says.....France.

Does anybody know if this particular Company of the RASC were in France during February 1918? The mans Army service record, suggests not.

Any help is appreciated.



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Hi Steve,

I was very interested to read about the postcard your wife bought on ebay. Ben Stout Fisher was my great grandfather. However, although he was born in Westmorland he lived his adult life in Lancaster so I'm not sure the postcard would have been sent to a Westmorland address. The only doubt I have is whether his wife Annie would have remained in Lancaster during the war years. She would have had several young children to look after and with her husband away from home for several years she may have moved to another town to be nearer family support. Would you be able to send me details of what is written on the letter, this may help to decide if it is my Ben Stout Fisher. As to his war records my research agrees with yours and I was under the impression he served in Salonika rather than France.



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