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Carl Bernhard Traugott Bechstedt - what did he do?

Guest vincent17

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Guest vincent17

Hi guys

My great grandfather took part in the great war on the german side. He survived but he didn't tell my grandma what he actually did during the war.

All I have is this picture taken by a photographer from Metz (it says on the back), so I guess it's in Metz. But that's all i know.

He's the one with the blue crosses on the left side.

Here are my thoughts: He doesn't look injured and seems a bit fat. Maybe he ran the hospital he's standing infront of? Can you tell what rank he is?

Anyway, his name was Carl Bernhard Traugott Bechstedt, born in Guthmannshausen in 1870

I hope you can help shed some light on what he did during the war.


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Welcome to the forum - I don't have any info. but thank you for the photo. Wounded soldiers, nurses, a pastor - a scene mirrored on the other side I'm sure. Metz I think was a long way south of British army action so I'm not sure how much our experts will come up with.


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Yes, welcome to the forum, from what I can see, your G/father is a senior NCO and patients aside he appears to be the highest rank there. Guessing doesn't help you much but I would suggest that he is an administration NCO in charge of orderlies and I am sure many other duties as well.

ps., I have just had another look and the person in uniform center back row maybe an officer, high collars etc, in that case the officer might be the medical officer in charge of the hospital.


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Which German sources/archives have you checked yet? Have a look here http://ersterweltkrieg.bundesarchiv.de/genealogie for some hints.

Guthmannshausen is in the "county" (Landkreis) Sömmerda. Have you tried to find him in the German Verlustlisten? Have a look here http://des.genealogy.net/eingabe-verlustlisten/search There are 50 entries with the last name "Bechstedt". I could find no Carl Bechstedt, but several Karl Bechstedt. Even some Karl Bechstedt from Landkreis Sömmerda. You should check them.

Have you asked the local Standesamt (Guthmannshausen)?

At the outbreak of the war your great grandfather was 44 years old. I think that he did not serve in a front line unit, but who knows ...


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