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RAMC 1914 Officers Units


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Dear Members, attached is a list of RAMC officers I'm trying to database but haven't been able to trace or find biographical details including full names, Med School etc & Unit. Particular help would be Unit data either Regiment/Bn where MO or Field Hospital Unit. I have details of many others but these few are obscure many of whom I believe were PoWs from Le Cateau.

I have lots of details on many other MOs but specifically am interested in Casualties in 1914 - KIA/MIA/Wounded/PoW

I have trawled all the the logical sites/WDs/Histories & RAMC database and National Archives WO/161 prisoner records & drawn a blank. Many appear to be RAMC(special reserve) or Temporary commissions. Any insights would be most appreciated.


Vidal/Alan Cunliffe

Beaman/Winfrid Kelsey

Brunskill/J H

Cahill/Robert J

Furness/J C

Hattersley/Sidney Martin

Hills/Harold William

Lauder/James Lafayette

Lynch/John Patrick

Preston/Arthur Bennett

Stevenson/Gerald Hoey

Sutcliff/Archibald Alfred


Rees/Griffith Henry

Leary/M B or G E

Thompson/A G

Corbett/D M

Hayman/J R


Hepper/J E

Fraser/Alexander Edward Gordon

Winter/Herbert Gregory

Meaden/Alban Anderson

Stack/George Hall

Russell/W A

Loughnan/William Francis Mary

Coppinger/Charles Joseph

O’Carroll/A D

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Hello Nick

Most of those who became casualties in 1914 should be in the August 1914 Army List. This is available in one of the reading rooms at Kew, and there may be copies in the larger municipal public libraries or the IWM. It has also been reprinted by Naval and Military Press.

I think you may need to have made ten posts before you can post an image.


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Many thanks Ron, I have the 1914 Army List & and use it extensively even the very obsure 2nd index in Vol II....invaluable, however, have been able to trace the list.

Thanks for the tip on images....it has caused me some difficulties tonight!


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I can see your list on my Nook, but not on PC. Some at least of your names appear in the Cox & Co. list of British Officers taken as PoW.

Vidal, A.C., Capt., 13-9-14; repatd. 28-2-16

Beaman, W.F., Capt.,31-8-14; exchngd. 29-6-15

Brunskill, j.H., Maj., 12-9-14; exch. do.

Cahill, R.J., Capt., 11-9-14; exch. do.

Furness, J.C., Maj., 12-9-14; exch. do

Hills, H.W., Lt., -/-/14; exch. 1-7-17

Lynch, J.P.,Capt., -/-/14; ex. do.

Preston, A.B., Lt., -/-/14; ex. do.

Stevenson, G.H., Lt., 26-8-14; ex. 29-6-15

Sutcliff, A.A., Capt., 31-8-14 (interned); died 26-4-15 @ Wittenberg

Davies, E., Lt., -/-/14; ex. 1-7-15

Leary, M.B., Surg., 11-9-14; ex. do.

Thompson, A. M*., Maj., 12-9-14; ex. 29-6-15

Corbett, D.M., Capt., 17-10-14; ex. do.

Hayman. Y*.R., Lt., 23-10-14; ex. do.

Hepper, T*. E., Lt., 26-10-14; ex. do.

Fraz*er, A.E.G., Capt., 27-10-14; ex. do.

Winter, -----, Lt., 1-11-14; ex. 1-7-15

Meado*n, A.A., Capt., 3-11-14; ex. 29-6-15

No regiments are given.



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One of the best sources for information on doctors is the UK Medical Register. This is available on Ancestry and gives full names plus where and when the doctor graduated, Knowing their university means that you can check them on University Rolls of Honour, some of which are available for free at www.archive.org . These rolls of honour sometimes tell you which units a doctor served with.


Alf McM

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Douglas Wardleworth was an old boy of Bury Grammar School, Lancashire, although he was practising as a GP in Norfolk prior to the war. The school had quite a strong medical tradition: all three of the veteran headmaster William Henry Howlett's sons were surgeons and served in the RAMC during the war. A number of other old boys were also RAMC, two winning the MC. From his date of death you might assume that Wardleworth fell during First Ypres. In fact he drowned in a swimming accident at Le Havre. I have a photo and other biographical details but do not know to what unit he was attached.

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Dear All, many thanks for your inputs......yes I think Cox's is where I sourced the original names but as a source this only registers the date notified not an actual combat incident. I have corrected many entries after extensively reading WDs. Also National Archives 161/......but no luck. Thanks for the Ancestry tip. There is a book of all RAMC who served but rather expensive at £60(secondhand). Unit attachments & forenames are proving a real challenge.

Thanks again, Nick

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  • 8 years later...

Officers of the Royal Army Medical Corps captured from the outbreak of the Great War to 25th Dec 1914.

Here is a database which may be of interest or save someone time in researching a POW relative of the RAMC. Apologies that I haven’t put down all the links to the info found but when I put it together during a ‘lockdown’ it was just a private project. If there is something that needs clarifying then ask and I’ll try and find the source.

My starting point on this subject was a list of 364 NCO & men found here, posted online by Paul Nixon:https://armyservicenumbers.blogspot.com/2016/05/royal-army-medical-corps-pow-other.html

When compiling the main NCO & men database I came across RAMC POW officers which may not have been listed before. There may be officers I’ve missed – any additions/corrections welcome. I haven’t posted the main NCO & men part of the database as I do not want to ‘tread on anyone’s toes’ so here are just (i) RAMC officers database (including two of Red Cross doctors), (ii) additional NCO & men, RAMC POW’s that were not on the original list but found on ICRC and (iii) a ‘numbers of captured’ summary screen.

(I didn’t always put down every POW camp a prisoner was sent to so do check the prisoner ‘PA’ numbers or read their report if you are interested in a particular officer)

TNA War Diary’s for the various Field Ambulances covering the first two months of the war are much more interesting than usual and worth reading. The retreat from Mons was a fraught time, proper’ diary entries didn’t always take place so personal note books were often used to make up the void in the war diary.

The prisoner reports reveal the harsh conditions in the camps endured by the officers and men – recommend to download while still free to access, though not happy reading.

A very useful site: http://www.ramc-ww1.com/index.html

Further reading:

My experiences as a German Prisoner by L J Austin


With French in Flanders’ by OS Watkins


An account of my capture and my experiences in Germany by Col. H N Thompson (BMJ 1 February 1915)

International Committee of Red Cross, PA numbers to read POW camp details (click the letter drop down for ‘PA’ or ‘R’ selection) link:


(I cannot read German, therefore letters, header pages, notes & details etc contained in the ledgers which may be of interest are ’lost’ on me)

Prisoner of war reports link:









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16 hours ago, ZeZe said:

An account of my capture and my experiences in Germany by Col. H N Thompson (BMJ 1 February 1915)

The correct reference for this is:  Thompson, HN. An account of my capture and my experiences in Germany. Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, vol. 24, no. 2 (1915), p. 121-136. It's available by clicking the "PDF" icon at this page:   https://militaryhealth.bmj.com/content/24/2/121.

NB: JRAMC and JRNMS have been merged as BMJ Military Health and archived there. I will post links in a separate thread later today.

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