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Poste Lesdos, La Boisselle


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I am looking at the work of the 1st/4th Battalion the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment around La Boisselle. The Battalion History mentions 'Poste Lesdos' - does anyone know where this is? I assume it is somewhere near 'The Nab' but I would like to know where it is exactly. Also there is mention of 'Poste Donnez' - I have found on Map 36 S.W.3 RICHEBOURG a 'Donnet Post' is this the same place? All information gratefully received.

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Sorry, should have said, the 1st/4th Loyal North Lancs arrived at la-Boisselle on 6th August 1915 and remained until at least December 1915 (this is as far as I have reached in the history.

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