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Kagohl 3/Bogohl 3/Englandgeschwader use of Halberstadt's


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Raymond H Fredette's excellent 'The Sky on Fire' states that in September 1918;

"Some of the Staffeln began receiving Halberstadt two-seater aeroplanes. The role of Brandenburg's airmen was being reversed. When not out bombing themselves, they were sent up on patrols against the Handley Pages flying almost nightly over Belgium. Within a week, the Gotha airmen shot down two of the British bombers"

I haven't come across this before in anything i've read on the England Squadron, does anyone have any more information on this? Especially as to whether the two Handley Pages were actually downed, or just claimed

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In September 1918, the RAF and IF between them lost ten HP O/400s and an HP O/100.

The O/100, from No 216 Sqn, was lost on 14 September with its crew taken prisoner; No 215 Sqn lost two O/400s on 15 September with all six crewmen being taken prisoner; the nadir was reached on 16 September when seven O/400s were lost - one each from Nos 100 (crew pow), 115 (interned) and 216 Sqns and four from No 215 Sqn (one crew interned, three crews pow with one pilot killed); No 215 Sqn lost another O/400 on 21 September (all three crewmen killed).

Three of the losses on 16 September were attributed to anti-aircraft fire.


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