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Royal Air Force A.R.D and S.D units


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I have recently found the service record of a friend's grandfather, Walter Nunn, who joined the RFC from the army in January 1917.

His RFC / RAF record show his units as 2 S.D. and 5 A.R.D., the latter appears to be described as "Drop Centre, Purfleet."

Can any forum member shed any light on the nature of these units?

Many thanks.


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2 Stores Depot was at Regent's Park NW1. Upon the formation of the RAF it comprised the following sections: HQ, Liaison & Indent Dept, Provision Section, Ledger Dept, complete Engine Group, Fire Engine Spares Group, Receipts Dept, Packing Dept, Shipping Dept, MT Section, Fitters & Salvage Section and Stores Section. It had an outstation at Deodar Road, Putney Bridge for its Obsolete Engine Dept.

By November 1918 it comprised: HQ, Liaison & Indent Dept, Provision Section, Ledgers Dept, complete Engine Group, 8 Engine Spares Groups, Carpenter's Shop, Shipping & Transport Dept and Inspection & Receipts Dept.

5 (Eastern) Aircraft Repair Depot was at Henlow. In May 1918 it comprised:4 Stores Sub-Sections, 4 Accounting Sub-Sections, half a Vulcanising Sub-Section, 4 Salvage Sections and 2 Motor Cycle Repair Sub-Sections. It was proposed to increase its Salvage Sections to 16 units.

By November it comprised:Depot HQ, 3 Engine Repair Sections, 4 Aero Repair Sections, 2 MT Repair Sections, 4 Transport Sub-Sections, 2 Stores & Accounting Sub-Sections and 1 Salvage Section.

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