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John William Gentle - HMS Vindictive


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Does anyone have any information about John William Gentle - he served on board HMS Vindictive as a Stoker and was on board at Zeebrugge.

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The RN service record of stoker John William GENTLE 309844 shows that he enlisted in March 1906 and was discharged invalided in January 1907 with rheumatism and morbus cordis organic (MCO - heart disease). No sign of WW1 service or service in VINDICTIVE.

Edit - If he served as plain John GENTLE he is probably this man:- http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/Details?uri=D7079561

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He's not on the list for Vindictive, Iris or Daffodil. Any other clues? Dom

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I have a newspaper cutting (Bedfordshire TImes 25/10/1918) from his brother Arthur Gentle's funeral - died 2nd Beds stating 'Mr Gentle has another son , Stoker John W Gentle who was on the 'Vindictive' at Zeebruge when she was sunk.'

horatio2 - yes John William Gentle was born Sandy around 1893. I will get this record.

thanks for help.

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I've now got John Gentle's Naval record. From what I can read it looks like -

29 Apr 1913 - 15 Sep 1913 Pembroke (2) - is this a training place at Chatham?

16 Sep 1913 - 29 Jul 1915 HMS Lancaster

30 Jul 1915 - Pembroke II

2 Mar - 3 Apr 1916 - Pembroke II

4 Apr 1916 - 15 Feb 1918 - HMS Brilliant

16 Feb 1918 - 17 Sep 1918 - Pembroke II

18 Sep 1918 - 10 Mar 1919 - Actaeon (Electra)

Joined RF Ron 11 March 1919

8 Apr 1921 - 6 Jun 1921 - Pembroke II (demob)

Can anyone help me with this?

thank you

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Hi again.

The Vindictive was not sunk at Zeebrugge. but the answer may be that he was aboard Vindictive on the second Ostend raid in May 1918 when she was sunk in the harbour as a blockship. Pembroke II was a landbase for administrative/pay purposes so that fits with what you'd expect to see. You might want to check local papers for aftermath of Ostend raid in case he gets a mention.



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Johnsman - `Joined RF Ron' ??? Joined RF (Royal Fleet) Reserve - RFR


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