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Pte 18432 John Knight Coldstream Guards


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I am trying to piece together the service of Pte 18432 John Knight of the Coldstream Guards who was discharged in October 1917 as "mentally defective".

A few months later he committed suicide and I am trying to see if this breakdown might have bee precipitated by anything he suffered in service.

However only his SWB roll and Discharge papers survive and the give his Bn as the 5th. They further state that he served in France from Jan to May 1917 so he must have been with another battalion.

Can anyone shed and light?


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Are you aware his. Service papers will be available for a fee from CG Regimental Headquarters?

Steve Y

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I am but they are rather expensive and we are doing this project on a very tight budget (ie none!) so I am trying other avenues first.

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I will look after the school run

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Sadly I have the rolls either side of the page he is on :(

When you refer to his discharge papers what have you got/seen ?

And yes he must have been in another battalion

if you want me to try to work it out then send me a PM

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After getting the PM (thanks for email) I cant add anything

However, Pte Knight isn't on the CWGC site (that I can see) - I would suggest you email them what info you have for him to be included :poppy:

If they need more evidence I will contact Coldstream RHQ for some more details


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