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Remembered Today:

Capt.Charles Norman Brockbank, 18th Bn Liverpool Regt.

Old Owl

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Remembering Today: Captain Charles Norman Brockbank, 18th(Pals)Bn The King's Liverpool Regiment, who was killed in action on 1st July,1916, and all the other officers and men of the battalion who fell that day.

He was educated at Merchant Taylor's School, Crosby and Malvern College. Subsequently he travelled extensively abroad in order to study foreign languages, following which he went to India for five years where he worked for Messrs.Forbes, Forbes Campbell & Co., a London firm of East India Merchants at Karachi. Returning home he became a partner in his father's firm, Messrs.William Porter & Co., general brokers, and was soon a popular figure on the Liverpool Exchange. On the outbreak of the war he immediately offered his services and subsequently received a commission in the 18th Bn Kings Liverpool Regt. Prior to proceeding overseas with his battalion he had been advanced to the rank of Captain.

"Upon the fateful 1st July he met a death worthy of the steadfast faith that had ever been his inspiration. It occured at the very hour of victory, when he and his company, which he had so gallantly led, had reached their objective. Notwithstanding that he was twice wounded, he refused to be lifted into a shell-hole, but remained lying in the open in order to cheer on his men until his strength waned and his life ebbed away.

"Colonel E.H.Trotter, who fell himself just a week later, narrated the circumstances of his death in a touching letter to the brave officer's mother, and in this there was all the pathos felt by the commander at the loss of so may young heroes whom he loved, and who had loved him, in such a wonderful way.

"The 18th King's had, in truth, behaved magnificently in the desperate assault, and on their action had depended the success of the day. Little mindful of the toll of sacrifice, they had stormed trench after trench until they took the redoubt that was their ultimate aim, and their names live for evermore in the hearts and minds of those who gave them, as husbands, or brothers, or sons, to the grand crusade of liberty.

"Charles Norman Brockbank was mourned by a very large circle of friends, and in the beautiful church of St.Nicholas, Blundellsands, is a white marble tablet that commemorates his loving and beautiful life."

The inscription reads:

"Giving thanks to God for the Loving and Beautiful Life of Charles Norman Brockbank, aged 32 years. Captain 18th Battalion King's(Liverpool) Regiment. He fell at the head of his beloved company in the hour of victory, in the great advance on the Somme, France, July 1st 1916.

Though thrice wounded he lay in the open and cheered his men until he fell asleep.

"The soul our life's star hath elsewhere had it's setting."

RIP :poppy: :poppy: :poppy:

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Old Owl, a fitting tribute to a brave man. I'm very near both Merchant Taylors and St Nicholas and know the Liverpool Exchange area very well. I also know the ground where he fell too so your post is very evocative.

Not forgotten.



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From the Liverpool Echo, 18th July 1916



His name on the Exchange Flags memorial


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Many thanks Pete and Stephen for your comments and extra information. Of course Eric Fitzbrown was also killed here along with many others of No.1 Company.

RIP :poppy:

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