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Percentage of entitled recipients who didn't claim their medals.


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I wondered if any member knew what percentage of entitled recipients didn't claim their medals.

I keep drawing blanks when searching the medal card index for army servicemen I believe to be entitled to medals.

I realise there can be many factors involved but it strikes me that many didn't claim.

Any help, advice or general guidance will be gratefully received.

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Other ranks didn't need to claim their medals - they were sent automatically. Some were sent back or could not be delivered but in such cases this should be noted on the card. Only officers had to claim their medals. Sometimes when medals didn't arrive (address change/error etc) soldiers or NoK might claim and there might also be some who queried the non award of one of the various 1914/15 medals. However if there is no medal card it almost invariably means that he wasn't entitled.

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Many thanks Centurion.

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