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Pudsey Peace Celebration Medal Symbolism

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Good morning everyone

I have recently been asked about a Peace Medal that was presented to a George Laister, I suspect around 1919-1920. I have attached a photo of the back and front of the medal which is 9 caret gold.

As you will see the medal is marked "Pudsey Peace Celebration - Sports - G Laister". I have tracked down George Laister and will be going through the local papers to find out about the Peace Celebration.

What I am not sure about is the symbolism on the front of the medal.

My interpretation is St George presenting his sword to God and His Son who in turn offers a laurel branch in recognition of Victory. In the background appears to be horses pulling a plough - in recognition of the effort on the home front.

Do you think that this is a valid explanation or am I way off track - any thoughts?

Thanks for your help.

Best wishes



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