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I am looking for visual reference material on any of Major Albert Desbrisay Carter's fighter aircraft. I have been coming up short in this area, if some one can help me out or point me in the right direction, it would be a greatly appreciated. :-)

First, would anyone have photos or profile for any of the following aircraft - Spad VII (B3498), Spad VII (B3498), Sopwith Dolphin (C4017), and Sopwith Dolphin (C4132)?

Second, What was directive for the markings on 19 squadron RFC/RAF aircraft between Oct 1917 to May 1918?

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In addition to the ones you list, there is also SPAD A8834

The official documents I have show a horizontal dumbbell for both SPAD's and Dolphins. In each case painted behind the national marking

Les Rogers 'British Aviation Squadron Markings' says the dumbbell on the SPAD's was unofficial, but I have documents to disprove this.

Rogers says a white square was allotted 26.8.17 but never used, and a white dumbbell was officially allotted 22.3.18

Dolphins seem to have used a white dumbbell and SPADs a black one

The Dolphins have letters for each flight: A-F for A Flight, G-M (excl 'I') for B Flight and N-S for C Flight

They also unofficially used white, red and blue painted tails for A,B, and C Flight respectively for a while

Wheel covers were similarly painted white, red and blue for A,B, and C Flight respectively

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Thank you Nieuport for your time and knowledge, I have seen the dumbbell motif in a number of 19 Squadron profiles as you have stated, SPADs being black and Dolphins white. I am hoping with a little time, I will be able to find at least one photograph. I would hate to create an art work of Carter's aircraft and find out I was completely off the mark - it would be embarrassing.

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