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Photocopying cost IWM & NA


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The IWM is now answering requests.


"We currently charge £0.40 per page for black & white photocopies."

There's a handling charge of £2.50.

Quite a contrast to the NA charges.


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That's right Tom.

The quote is for the IWM staff's work.

I was surprised they sent the A4 letter & forms in an A4 envelope-cost 61p. postage, wouldn't using a smaller envelope have been cheaper?

The, folded, form's gone back in a smaller envelope - with a cheque.

It was suggested I send debit/credit card details, with security code, as they could not accept card details by phone or email only in writing.

Should the form not have been folded?


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Interesting, as the IWM and TNA are Government bodies (an executive non-departmental public body of the Department for Culture and an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice, respectively) they should be providing services such as photocopying on a full cost-recovery basis.

The implication might therefore be that one of them is making a good profit at it, or one is far more efficient than the other.

(I've assumed you aren't talking about self-service copies).


They have different approaches to copyright too.

If you want to see really expensive copying, try the National Army Museum. I wanted to take (flash-less) photos of typewritten diaries. Not allowed. Had to pay extortionate photocopying rates for dozens of pages which I then simply photographed and put the photocopies in the bin. I could have taken photos, causing no damage. They insisted on putting the docs through an old fashioned white-hot clanky photocopier with ultra-bright lights which simply damages the documents. They were hot to touch. No logic, unnecessary cost, and a waste of their time. Completely nuts. I even offered them the (free) photos for others who might want the same in order to reduce further damage. Declined.

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