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Pte. Ernest Frank Richardson 21319- Hampshire Regiment


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Hi All,

I am looking at doing a little research for a friend of mine but I am stuck with trying to identify this soldiers Battalion. I have had a few possiblities but someone with a little more knowledge of this regiment would be gratefully recieved

I know that he went overseas 26th November 1915 and his Theatre of war first entered is (3) Egypt. The family which I am having a look for thankfully has a number of his own personal papers following his discharge. However his Regiment is constantly listed as "RYL (Royal?) Sussex & Hants Regiment(s)". However his MIC only shows him serving with the Hampshires, could be a record of his initial enlistment maybe in the Sussex Regiment? He was born in East Grinstead in Decmeber 1891.

If any one reserched the Hampshire and may have knowledge of the regimental number blocks or similar which may help identify his batallion it would be most appreciated and i would be happy to share what information I have.

His papers in WO393 or WO394 have not survived from a search so the papers I have are the only ones and provide details of his injuries which lead to his eventual discharge.

Many thanks,


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Not sure it helps a great deal but his Silver War Badge record gives a date of enlistment of 1 June 1915.

As far as battalions go, the Long Long Trail sets out where the various Hampshires were in December 1915 and it looks like only 1st/8th were in Egypt; they arrived on 19 December 1915. 2nd were also sent from Gallipoli to Egypt but didn't arrive until January 1916. Looks like your man may have been 1st/8th, leaving England on 12 December 1915 and joining them in Egypt as they arrived from Gallipoli.


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Yeah they were two of the Possiblities I was looking at.

Yeah I had a look at the Silver War badge roll too.

Hopefully yhere may well be a Battalion listed in the Medal Rolls, just a bit difficult to get down to have a look!

I must also point out that his Discharge paperwork staes rthe following:

Med E. Force 26. 11. 15 to 14.3.16

France 15.3.16 to 2.11.16.

I was trying to match up possbilities of the 'General Overview' of battalion movements, this seems to rule out the 1/8th. The 2nd are sent to Gallipolli April 1915 via Egypt, they later are sent to Marseille listed on this site on the 20 March 1916

I may be missing something here but I'll keep digging!

he was discharged with Gun Shot wounds to the face, right thigh and leg. He must have been out in the open to recive those injuries.



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Dont think your man was with the 8th Hants, as they remained in Egypt, so he should have stayed with them. He is not on any of their medal roles either, so probably a 2nd Batt bod.

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If he was 2 Hants the first Gallipoli replacement drafts,according to the War Diary,after his date of landing in Egypt,was on 2 Dec 1915 when 51 arrived,next day another 50 and on the 5th another 100. The Battalion had been operating well under strength for some time.

I may have a medal roll somewhere,and will try to find him.

Later: just found the 1914-15 Star Rolls for MEF,and see that they don't show a Battalion. The British War and Victory Medal Rolls will though.

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Many thanks for your help espcially with the information with respect to the War Diary entry of reinforcements.

All seesm to fit in nicely, espcially with an Enlistment in the Sussex only tobe posted out with the hampshire to bring them back up to strength.

Do any of you happen to have the BWM and Victory roll transcriptions? i would like to be able to be 100% certain.

If not a trip to TNA may be on the cards!



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The entry in the BW&VM roll for 21319 Pte Ernest Frank RICHARDSON confirms 2/Hants.

As Sotonmate indicates he was part of the early December 1915 reinforcement drafts for 2/Hants at Gallipoli.

The discharge paperwork dates you have state France 15.3.16 which correspond with the date the Battalion left Alexandria for France, landing at Marseilles on 20.3.16.

I can also confirm that he was reported wounded (face, thigh and legs) and at Reading War Hospital circa mid-late Nov.1916.

Most likely wounded during the October actions that 2/Hants took part in suffering other ranks casualties for the month of: 65 killed, 230 wounded (including 42 shell shock), 93 sick to hospital, 31 missing.


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