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For a beginner or someone dipping to the Great War just through general interest, I've found this book a wonder.

"World War I - The Definitive Visual Guide (from Sarajevo to Versailles) by R.G. Grant",

It has one drawback - it's a big heavy book.

O.K. that's the negative over

Wow is this a delightful book inside with a beautiful layout even showing what the uniforms were made up of for each army French, English, German etc. and large enough to view without a magnifying glass.

Not only does it covers the battles and political events but also features the following: -

Each Chapter has a map at the beginning of it, followed by a timeline, then the general events within the war and included on these pages is a list of before and after events.

Then amongst them every so often is

1). a feature picture page i.e. The Retreat of Mons;

2). features of items such as rifles, Machine guns, wartime posters, trench fighting equipment etc.

3). features on Commanders - Paul von Hindenburg, Joseph Joffre, etc.

and finally

4). features on subject such as Reconnaissance and Communications, In the Service of the Empire, Anzac Troops, Chemical Warfare etc. all with their own time frame at the right-hand side.

Everything is featured within a double page format and deals with something different (so easy to read and absorb) - the choice is amazing.

Although you can't look inside the WWI book on amazon you can see what the layouts are like by viewing the WWII book - it's very similar.

I know I shouldn't mention the other War (WWII) but I bought that book too, and I'll read it when hubby has finished it - he grabbed it before I got a chance to look into it properly - still I've got the WWI one - not enough technology for him in that. Each to their own.

thanks and take care, Kitty

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