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24 Hours Series, Andy Robertshaw.


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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me about Andy Robertshaws 24 Hours in the Trenches or 24 Hours under Attack or show me any pictures of the book. I know Amazon usually show a few pages of contents in the book.

I would never usually do this but I am in 2 minds about ordering the book due to the varied reviews of it. So I thought I would pop on here to ask.

I did order Tommies War by Richard Van Emden for a very good price actually. But any help would be appreciated.

What something that is adult and will inform me and aid my research.

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Wanted to add my thoughts after ordering these books. Really well designed and set with full colour photos and diagrams. Really illustrated the story of a battalion in attack or the battalion in the trenches (both books from the series). It’s really well written and the pictures accompany really do strike a chord with oneself when reading. Great book to pick up.

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