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Soldiers Died in the Great War.


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Does anyone know what the cut-off date was for a casualty to appear in Soldiers Died in the Great War, I am researching a man Henry Grundy (90737) a driver with the Royal Horse Artillery. C.W.G.C gives his date of death as 23/02/1919, but he does not seem to appear in Soldiers Died in the Great War. Could there be a reason for this?

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I can not speak for Ancestry, but the CD Rom version seems very "hit and miss" after 11/11/1918. I have looked for several fatalities after that date as part of my research projects and never found anything for any of them.

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A search of SDGW on Find My Past gives the following figures for Great Britain:

1919 1865 deaths

1920 27 deaths

1921 1 death

Ancestry gives the same figures.

However on Ancestry figures are also given for "Western European Theatre" as follows:

1919 476 deaths

1920 2 deaths


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Can I just make a point, the online and CD aren't Soldiers Died in the Great War, they are the organisations/publishers versions of a copy of SDGW.

Those numbers are accurate, so they should be all give the same end dates because they are taken from the same source.

The RA edition was published in August 1921, the last Artilleryman recorded died on 24/04/1920.

The term Western European Theatre isn't anything special or new, it is only used by Ancestry and is not used in the original source, I would suggest they use this term to somehow differentiate them from other sources.

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The last date it is possible to search for on the Soldiers Died in the Great War CD-Rom is the 31st December, 1921. The last recorded death I have been able to find is 25.3.1921. In fact, I think this is the only death recorded in 1921.

CWGC lists 815 soldiers who died in 1921. As Medaler has pointed out, Soldiers Died is very unreliable after 1918.


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Thank you all for your very informative answers, it does appear that, as pointed out by Medaler and Tom Morgan that "Soldiers Died in the Great War" is, to say the least,very patchy from 1918.


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The cut off date to be included in the official records of the CWGC was August 1921. This allowed soldiers who had died as a result of war service post November 1918 to be listed although there are many discrepancies of soldiers who were missed. I was disappointed to find that a number of TF personnel who died on active service were not mentioned on the soldiers died references.

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