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Remembered Today:

Military Medal Citation - Rev Edward Harrison


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Please can the grey cells of the Forum come up with any solution to find this M.C. citation?

I've been given a transcript, just with the year 1918, which begins -

"Edward Harrison, A.C.D., attached 18th Battalion, Royal Field Artillery" which sounds a bit of a nonsense. His obit quotes 5th Division RFA & awarded M.C. in 1918

I've been beating my brains for the past 2 hours trying all sorts of variations on the London Gazette site without success.

MIC attached.

Any ideas, please?



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Can't help with your query but you might want to change your topic title from Military Medal to Military Cross.


Steve Y

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Hi Jonathan,

I think that it should read 18th Battery not Battalion. Can't help with the citation but I'm certain that someone will be along soon to help.


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Thank you all for your help, you, Lt-Col. in particular.

Note to self - always check other years, not just the event one.

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