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Mailly-Maillet Hotel de Ville / Church


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Anyone got any ideas where I can get some more information on the Hotel de Ville in Mailly Mallet? I read in one of the books that it was used as a hospital during WW1, but can't find any more information about who used it, how long for, etc etc.

Also, apparently there's some graffiti from that period around one of the doors of the church. Well, I looked, and looked again - couldn't see it from the outside. Is it still there (but not visible from the outside) or has it now gone?

Thanks in advance,


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It was most likely the Chapelle Madame also in Mailley-Maillet. The locals held a summer fete last year and the Chapelle was used for the locals to display their WW1 militaria and relics. We went and had a look and noticed the walls at the entrance covered in graffiti and a lot had refererence to WW1. The interior walls also had some names and numbers scratched into them. (bottom)



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