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Soldiers Serving under an Alias


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Hello all,

I am researching a Private Frank Taylor (Fred Bates) 9037 who served under an alias in ww1. I have been trying to figure out why he served under and alias and discovered he had served with the Kings Liverpool Regiment in India under Frank Taylor in around 1911. I was wondering what possible reasons why a soldier from a good family home (his eldest brother being the future Mayor of Blackburn) would serve under an alias as early as 1911 being killed in 1915.

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GWGC have listed him as Fred Bates (with the name of his parents too).

He came from a large family it seems for the time. Apparantly the parents were alcoholics and the eldest son took care of the kids (Luke Bates who was later Mayor of Blackburn). Apart from this I have very little contextual knowlege as to why he would use an alias.

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